Need a Cloud Based Software for Manufacturing?
Next level BPM approach towards the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing business managers

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Looking for a Modern BPM solution that fits your budget and still is utilized to cover all aspects of your operations?  Manufacturers can automate preventive maintenance operations to enhance the quality of products. Critical data, metrics, and checklists are easily accessible for inspectors and managers.  Remote access enables you to be updated all the time … Read more

Online Maintenance Management Tool
Why is management software found on every minor/major businesses nowadays?

CMMS in our opinion  the goals are to make your maintenance operation more efficient and to improve equipment reliability and generally subsequent availability while reducing maintenance costs and opportunity costs to the company as a whole. All organizations requiere different features your organization require? All tasks like service orders and corrective maintenance should be generated … Read more

3 Ways Cloud Solutions can boost your productivity
Why is the cloud so popular?

Nowadays everyone talks about the Cloud, and all these cloud solutions that helped them increase productivity, increase profit, reduce cost and so many other things. But how do they do that? We would like to give you a little path to get started with cloud solutions, and Sweven couldn’t be the exception. It’s not that … Read more

Facility managers strategies to cope COVID-19

The role of a facility manager is to look after physical assets, organizations, buildings but most importantly, people, by taking actions that ensure containment strategies and prevention at the worksite. As expected with COVID-19 pandemic, FM roles have had to adapt and improve their performance to mitigate or alleviate  the virus spread, mostly taking preventive … Read more

Developing a facility maintenance (FM) program

Creating a facility maintenance program implies establishing all the different maintenance tasks needed in order to make sure the facility is running efficiently. A preventive maintenance plan or facility maintenance program constitutes creating a maintenance schedule and list of assignments, emphasizing how long it takes finishing the assignments and the person or team responsible for … Read more

The importance of smart technologies in facilities management (FM)

Industry is being transformed by digital technologies and facilities management is no exception.Intelligent buildings, smart sensors and face recognition systems are a huge step, however instead of thinking of something like seen on sci fi movies, these are doubtlessly becoming a norm.Facilities will no longer be inert places for operations and production, they are becoming … Read more

IoT Boosting Facility Management Systems

IoT solutions help managers unify all the sections at the facility, keeping an eye on various operations at the same time gaining an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of the data issued by sensors. The Internet of things has a great span for automation opportunities, enhancing the performance of the whole team. Mastering how IoT … Read more

Maintenance and Facilities Management

Facilities management and maintenance extends the concept of fixing and includes planned predictive and preventive maintenance. Predictive Maintenance seeks early degrading detection with the objective of repairing or correcting the equipment or components in advance.Of course, requirements depend on the peculiarities of the asset and facility we are targeting. Since the complexity of building systems … Read more

Condition Monitoring and Scheduled Maintenance

Condition MonitoringStatistics and probability theory provide are the bases for condition monitormaintenance. Trend detection through data analysis often rewards the analystwith insight into the causes of failure and preventive actions that will help avoidfuture failures. For example, stadium lights burn out within a narrow range oftime. If 10% of the lights have burned out, it … Read more