Welcome to our Reseller Program

Add ECOBPM to your own Products and Services

If you’re interested in provisioning enterprise operational platforms, our Reseller Program is a great solution to extend your products/services portfolio. Qualified resellers receive a special license to include ECOBPM in their products and services

20% discount and other Benefits

As an approved reseller, you will be able to purchase ECOBPM licenses at a 20% discount without sending your clients to our website. This effectively lets your offer a cloud/mobile based system to your customers with a very quick turnaround, giving you the ideal foundation for their custom development project or specialized hosting account.

  • Receive a 20% discount on every purchase.
  • Purchase licenses of ECOBPM and use them for your clients’ projects or directly in your company’s own product or service offerings.
  • Pre-purchase licenses of ECOBPM and provision them to your customers as needed.

Eligibility & Terms

  • You must acknowledge that you agree to all the terms of our reseller agreement.
  • You must have a publicly-available website that provides detailed information about your company and the products and services you provide. Your website must provide a consistent means of contact – actual contact information (phone numbers, a physical address, etc.) is preferred.
  • You may not use ECOBPM to offer a product or service that is directly competitive with ECOBPM.COM. You may only offer products and services that include ECOBPM as one of multiple components in a way that is explicitly distinct from our offering here at ECOBPM.com.
  • You must agree to be responsible for providing technical support to your customers.
  • You must purchase a new ECOBPM license and set of plugins for each installation needed for each of your clients’ projects or websites.

Hosting Providers

As the hosting landscape becomes increasingly competitive, many hosting providers are exploring new markets by offering hosting accounts that come preloaded with specialized software. With ECOBPM, you can offer hosting accounts with ready-to-go operations functionality. Your company could also potentially offer a “one-click-install” option for ECOBPM with your own brand.