Need a Cloud Based Software for Manufacturing?

Next level BPM approach towards the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing business managers

Looking for a Modern BPM solution that fits your budget and still is utilized to cover all aspects of your operations? 

Manufacturers can automate preventive maintenance operations to enhance the quality of products. Critical data, metrics, and checklists are easily accessible for inspectors and managers. 

Remote access enables you to be updated all the time so that you can respond immediately, monitor performance from real-time, manage work order on the go and can do all the important task accordingly

  • Remote Inspection

As like remote access you may need some remote inspection to keep your machine up front.

  • Customizable

Customized software can adjust easily to your diverse business requirement. If you have software that can be highly customizable, no doubt you will be hassle free from investing on the software update, matching it with your business requirement or buying completely new software for your new manufacturing plant which is costly and time-consuming.

  • Central Monitoring System

Suppose you have 5 manufacturing plans in a different location, you have employed one facility manager to look after all of these manufacturing units. Now your facility manager has to travel around all day to take an update of the work orders. No doubt this will become so complex and a big barrier to perform a smooth operation. In this situation you need a central monitoring system that can be monitored from any location. Using this feature facility manager can monitor performance, check work order performance history, assign work orders accordingly without traveling each of the plants.

Our Business Process Management (BPM) is aimed to fulfil your needs within a reasonable budget, SaaS subscription, only pay for the users that will be using the software.

  • Easily Deployable
  • Organized Processes
  • Enhanced Communication (Client, Techs, Vendors)
  • Gather Reports & Analytics