Backlog Management

Control of backlog is fundamental to successful management of the maintenance function and thereby to realization of reliability. It must be held within manageable control limits by preserving a balance between resources and workload.Backlog is defined as the net workload, measured in labor-hours, requested but not yet completed. Another definition is that the backlog is … Read more

Avoid Unexpected costs = Improved Performance

Preventive maintenance will keep your systems in top condition and avoid future cost repair work. ECOBPM understands and prioritizes the importance to keep up with scheduled preventive maintenance. All preventive Maintenance will be able be seen from different perspectives our main dashboard, calendar, and geographical view, as well as assign to technicians or even third … Read more

Computerized Maintenance Management System

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a type of management software that performs functions in support of management and tracking of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) activities.CMMS Needs Assessment In determining the need for a CMMS, facility managers should assess their current mode of operation. Key questions to ask include:• Do you have an effective … Read more

Frustration with Planning

Disenchantment in implementing a planning organization is frequently due to an attempt to provide detailed work plans on reactive jobs. Since reactive jobs by their nature are urgent, it is frustrating to everyone to wait on a planning group to turn over the work. Once equipment has actually broken down and is interfering with operating … Read more

Reactive Maintenance. If it works, don’t fix it

Reactive maintenance is done when equipment needs it. Inspection with human senses or instrumentation is necessary, with thresholds established to indicate when potential problems start. Human decisions are required to establish those standards in advance so that inspection or automatic detection can determine when the threshold limit has been exceeded. Obviously, a relatively slow deterioration … Read more

Command, Control, and Communications

• Reliable and accurate communication is critical to the organization’s emergency plan.• Facility Managers must understand there is internal and external communication. They must do both well. The plan must include how communication will be made with organization employees, tenants, local authorities, other agencies, and the media.• Documentation is always an investment in the future. … Read more

The Nature of Maintenance Activities and Related Organizational Structure

Most maintenance departments are organized only for reaction to urgent demands, yet they wonder why they live in a reactive environment with a reactive culture.Organizationally, there must be recognition of and provision for the three broad types of work performed by the maintenance department: prompt emergency response, reliable routine service, and timely backlog relief. To … Read more

Focus on Future Work

The Planning Department concentrates on future work—work that has not been started—in order to provide the Maintenance Department at least one week of work backlog that is planned, approved, and ready to execute. This backlog allows crews to work primarily on planned work.Crew supervisors handle the current day’s work and problems. Any problems that arise … Read more