Developing a facility maintenance (FM) program

Creating a facility maintenance program implies establishing all the different maintenance tasks needed in order to make sure the facility is running efficiently. A preventive maintenance plan or facility maintenance program constitutes creating a maintenance schedule and list of assignments, emphasizing how long it takes finishing the assignments and the person or team responsible for the maintenance and the job conclusion.
The elaboration of Preventive maintenance plans are meant for impeding any sort of damage or deterioration to the facility or equipment on them.
The policies on the preventive maintenance plan issue methods for succeeding a maintenance schedule, these policies also include inventory and who is in charge of making sure the maintenance and inventory are systematically executed. Frequently the supervisor, property manager or facility manager is the responsible for all the above.
With a facility maintenance program is possible to determine and even schedule which maintenance projects are cyclical or seasonal and whether a contractor is needed or not to accomplish this specific task. 
Other items that have to be included in the development of a facility maintenance program are a work order system, schedule and procedure. Many companies acquire professional software for their maintenance activities and most of those suites guide on how to incorporate all of them. For the standard operating procedure (SOP) the work order schedules and procedures are priority at the facility. This standard defines whether or not the work orders are emergency, a simple routine or when those become preventive maintenance jobs.
Work orders or emergency tasks should not take longer than 24 hours to be completed.