What common problems are you encountering in your facility?
Manage Work Orders, Preventive Maintenance and all of the assets in your facility need work?

It all starts by streamlining the management and execution of business processes, Business Process Management has transformed the way we now do things as before were there were multiple meetings, doing everything manually and encounter prone to human error when inputting incorrect data.  As to life after BPM where you don’t have these limitations instead … Read more

SWEVEN – Digital Business Process Management
Sweven by ECOBPM offers a 14 day trial

Orlando, FL., October 20, 2020 Sweven, a cloud-based service running in Amazon Web Service architecture, is a platform that allows Facility Managers and contractors to have better control, communication and distribution of their regular workflow. Productivity can be boosted up to a 40% compared to a regular Excel Spreadsheet management. Next gen tools available at … Read more

Need a Cloud Based Software for Manufacturing?
Next level BPM approach towards the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing business managers

manufacturing business managers

Looking for a Modern BPM solution that fits your budget and still is utilized to cover all aspects of your operations?  Manufacturers can automate preventive maintenance operations to enhance the quality of products. Critical data, metrics, and checklists are easily accessible for inspectors and managers.  Remote access enables you to be updated all the time … Read more

Online Maintenance Management Tool
Why is management software found on every minor/major businesses nowadays?

CMMS in our opinion  the goals are to make your maintenance operation more efficient and to improve equipment reliability and generally subsequent availability while reducing maintenance costs and opportunity costs to the company as a whole. All organizations requiere different features your organization require? All tasks like service orders and corrective maintenance should be generated … Read more