Sweven IoT Board Manual

IntroductionThanks for using our iot device. This is an instruction manual on how to use the SWEVEN IoT Box you have received. Instructions1 Connect the box to the power supply, as can be seen in the figure 1. Case 1 If it is the first time you connect the board to the WiFi, follow the … Read more

Our CMMS Characteristics
Easily integrable with your existing IT infrastructure, and having professional support to help you implement your system and manage your CMMS on the forefront of the fast-paced technology changes.

To make sure a CMMS meets your needs in the future, Sweven becomes a viable option regarding – Scalability Software that continues to function well as your organization grows. After the system has launched, you may want to take advantage of additional features, add more users to the system, or roll out the software to … Read more

Need a Cloud Based Software for Manufacturing?
Next level BPM approach towards the efficiency and productivity of manufacturing business managers

manufacturing business managers

Looking for a Modern BPM solution that fits your budget and still is utilized to cover all aspects of your operations?  Manufacturers can automate preventive maintenance operations to enhance the quality of products. Critical data, metrics, and checklists are easily accessible for inspectors and managers.  Remote access enables you to be updated all the time … Read more