Faster and Finer Work Orders with ECOBPM

ECOBPM comes to the world of management with a surety of making business procedures less complicated and easily accomplishable. Many of the management related task cannot be performed solely, several of them require additional assistance. Quite a few times this dependency actually leads to delayed work. This also increases the chance of duplication and variation in representation. A lot of pointless paper work is involved and security breaches can take place.

ECOBPM is the first management friendly software which gives prompt solutions to all the above mentioned problems and several others complexities arising in business.  This system has an incredible floor interface which aids is creating quick work orders, that fulfill all requirements of the company and are always up to the mark. The 20 years of experience of the management personals who got together to make this software is very much evident in its work precision and execution.

Creating Superior Work Orders

The floor interface of ECOBPM enables companies to create work orders of higher quality and in a quicker manner. This system gives you the ability to create and allocate work orders comfortably and independently. All your business activities can be managed by your finger tips.

For creating work orders you need to view/select/edit the details of the clients, which are already entered in the system. The assets and sites need to be checked. If needed a search for technician on a site could be initiated using the geo-location features. And when necessary a work order with multiple technicians and trades could be created without any problem. Sending work order documents and notes can be done within seconds because of the AWS Cloud facility.

Saving Precious Time

Making use of ECOBPM a company is sure to make business procedures move faster. This system is capable of giving that extra boost to long and detailed procedures, making them shorter and swifter.

Creating work orders is no longer a time consuming laborious job. You can independently create a work order using the work info, client, technician and site information available in the system. ECOBPM has all the necessary tools to help you create flawless automated work orders, repeatedly and speedily.

When needed ECOBPM is capable of creating quicker work orders or shortcut work orders. These can be created for faster work initiation; such work orders are formed quickly using minimal details and get into action immediately.

When a work order is initiated, acknowledgement from the technician or client reaches you instantly, thus assuring on the spot commencement of work. All these features of ECOBPM are enormous time savers.

Reducing Dependency

ECOBPM acts as an assistant who is available at any given time, to help you accomplish any vital task. It makes you less dependent on others as all required help is accessible in the floor interface.

This interface of the system guides you through all the jobs. You actually are able to create work orders without anyone’s help. ECOBPM aids you in generating better, more detailed and professional work orders for organizing and getting work done proficiently.

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