ECOBPM, LLC Incorporates New US-Wide Clients and Covers New Grounds in Reactive and Preventive Maintenance

Cloud-based Maintenance Software ECOBPM, LLC expands its maintenance services introducing new tools, IoT, and looks forward to their own SaaS service.Orlando, FL, USA – July 01, 2020 -ECOBPM prides itself on being among the best when it comes to managing maintenance services, both reactive and preventive; and they are reaching out to the future of the business: IoT (Internet of Things) and Serverless SaaS (Software as a Service).For almost a decade, ECOBPM’s cloud-based software has been providing seamless Site, Inventory, and Asset Management solutions for a range of Maintenance Service Providers and their partners.

This solution includes mobile interfaces for field inspections, online enrollment for vendors, and an interface for clients to follow up, providing a 360° integration towards more efficient, economic, and paperless operations. Last 2019 ECOBPM incorporated a coast to coast Fortune 500 maintenance company – to their client list, deploying all their interfaces, new tools and features, and even more novelties are underway. “Working with them was a huge endeavor, but has brought more rewards and insight to the company than ever before.” says Jorge Canal, founder of ECOBPM. ECOBPM now handles thousands of work orders every day, with thousands of locations and vendors. Besides the astonishing numbers, ECOBPM also features Location-based Tracking, Preventive Maintenance Checklists/Scheduling, automatic reporting for executives, scheduling tools for technicians, and pipeline management of operations, all orchestrated to make daily tasks easier for its users.“What’s more interesting is the future we’re going after in ECOBPM.” continues Jorge Canal.

“As 5G approach us, we’d like to use the newest technologies available to come up with something dazzling. Something that turns things around in the way the maintenance industry works right now. We design our own IoT devices and connect them to our Cloud Serverless SaaS infrastructure, combined with our experience in both government and commercial maintenance, ECOBPM will give people that dazzle we’re looking for.

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