Aiming Towards Greater Efficiency

For those who want to share or reduce their management responsibilities proficiently, ECOBPM is the perfect solution. This new and unique product is here to ease out your work without effecting efficiency and taking businesses to totally new heights of success. This software makes use of the latest technologies of Cloud computing and Geographical locations, to help companies do better and faster business.

It has been made for clients who want to have superior control over their business.  It gives you the ability to monitor all activities taking place at different levels of the company. And it also allows you to initiate any work like creating work orders, scheduling jobs, etc. This amazing software makes it possible for you to be stationed at one place and manage sites at different locations with geo technology.

Total Control through Client Interface

ECOBPM guarantees to elevate your business to a totally different level because of the increased control it allows you to have over your company. The easily usable geo-maps give a clear idea of what work is being undertaken at various work locations.

You can be directly connected to all your employees, technicians, field people, vendors and other business associates through the mobile phones, as ECOBPM is easily installed on Android smart phones.

The AWG Cloud technology makes data available quickly at any given place. Files could be shared speedily by uploading on cloud. This way business transaction can be initiated and finalized in a much faster manner.

With ECOBPM any ongoing or pending work could be checked and taken care of using the geo-locations. This way you have access to all the latest updates of your work hence improving business.

Creating Capable Work Orders

Using the client interface of ECOBPM you are able to emphasize greater power over the business with less dependency. This software is capable of creating perfect work orders. The software makes available all the services you might require for the creation of a skilled work order, in a matter of a few seconds.

If there is an urgency to make a quicker work order, ECOBPM enables you to cut short the procedure and create a quick work order by entering site name, priority, job description, problem type, PO number and NTE. Once the new work order is created and saved, statistics are updated automatically.

ECOBPM surely saves a lot of time and cuts down paperwork.

Comprehending the Importance of Communication

In the world of mobile phone and social networks, it is highly important to be in touch with all those connected with your business. ECOBPM lays emphasis on fast communication with employees, vendors, clients and technicians. You could directly chat with anyone using this software. The most recent chat messages are available for quick view.

All notifications related to different activities, task performed, notes created, new work orders, received chat messages etc are available at the click of your inbox.

ECOBPM is made with the expert help of experts who have been in management work for 20+ years that is why it touches each and every aspect of administration making several difficult tasks easy and quick for greater efficiency.