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Cloud computing is now the standard, no matter in which industry you are. It has proven to be safer, cheaper and, unarguably, …


Speed – Confidence

See how we work in your industry to provide speed and confidence in our most common industries. When transitioning from scratch to start a business

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Work Smarter

Today’s industries are looking for new and smarter ways to improve quality and productivity with no major change preferably. As a part of covering all

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Backlog Management

Control of backlog is fundamental to successful management of the maintenance function and thereby to realization of reliability. It must be held within manageable control

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Frustration with Planning

Disenchantment in implementing a planning organization is frequently due to an attempt to provide detailed work plans on reactive jobs. Since reactive jobs by their

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Command, Control, and Communications

• Reliable and accurate communication is critical to the organization’s emergency plan.• Facility Managers must understand there is internal and external communication. They must do

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Focus on Future Work

The Planning Department concentrates on future work—work that has not been started—in order to provide the Maintenance Department at least one week of work backlog

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