The Phenomenal Way of Facility Management

ECOBPM is a Cloud and Geo-location based software, which facilitates companies in competent management of various divisions and sub divisions of their business. It is a handy facility, which allows clients to be totally in charge of their company. It helps create work orders for scheduling jobs, inventory management, site management, and much more. ECOBPM is the sole solution to all your management related problems giving you a centralized place to initiate all business solutions.

The client interface offered by ECOBPM is the first of its kind. It aims towards speeding business procedures as it offers faster and better decisions making with its geo-location based technology. Searching work orders could be undertaken quickly with the use of ECOBPM. The AWG Cloud provides quick access to all company data. I also permits faster uploads and instant sharing of work related info. The communication features of ECOBPM make connectivity easier and quicker, thus avoiding time lags for those working from different locations around the globe.

Simple Salient Features

ECOBPM has been developed taking ideas from people who have over 20 years of experience in the field of management. It offers a single interface for creating and managing work together. Clients could easily automate business-making use of this friendly software.

  • ECOBPM makes it possible for businesses to look for work orders using the specified search options in a very fast and easy manner.
  • Various shortcuts could be easily created as reminders to manage pending work, thus avoiding further delay or neglect of any kind.
  • The dashboard provides a detailed summary of all work done and in progress. This keeps you constantly aware of all that is happening in different work places and sections.
  • To avoid over expenditure ECOBPM has budget trackers. This way you are constantly remaindered about the budget minimizing chances of going overboard with the budget.
  • A quick view of all recent chats and comments is also available instantly, to maintain updates with concerned people.

Time Reduction

In the extra competitive market, ECOBPM is the first software, which comes with a guarantee of saving time and improving efficiency of your business. Clients making using of this software are sure to get an upper hand over their counterparts as they will always be a few steps ahead in decision-making and initiating business.

  • The geo-location based searches have clear maps with work order details and complete view of site locations. Giving you a comprehensible idea of what is happening where.
  • ECOBPM uses colors (green, blue and reddish) to represent different stages of work on the maps. This helps in faster identification of work in progress.
  • The simple representation of the dashboard avoids unnecessary delay of business proceedings.
  • If needed new work orders could be created quickly without going into deep formation details.
  • Just a glance at the dashboard gives a clear view of all the queued work, evading any kind of negligence.
  • Continuous communication can be established with employees, vendors and technicians, facilitating greater work efficiency.
  • With ECOBPM you could continuously monitor all work in progress in different areas and at different levels of management.

This software comes with an intention of easing out the work of those at the management level, enabling them to have greater access and control over their employees, business and all concerned.

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