Maintenance and Facilities Management

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Facilities management and maintenance extends the concept of fixing and includes planned predictive and preventive maintenance. Predictive Maintenance seeks early degrading detection with the objective of repairing or correcting the equipment or components in advance.
Of course, requirements depend on the peculiarities of the asset and facility we are targeting. Since the complexity of building systems raises, maintenance and facilities management needs constant adapting to ensure that the service level intended is achieved with minimum costs.
Facilities managers use in their daily basis tools such as CMMS.

A computerized maintenance management system – CMMS is a software suite that centralizes all the information regarding maintenance making easier all the operations. It optimizes availability of physical machinery, any assets and plant infrastructures These solutions give control and transparency to facility managers when working with a maintenance crew. It helps a lot identifying delayed tasks, job due dates etc.

One of the most important benefits of CMMS is grew productivity. This is because a CMMS helps planning and tracking technicians’ activities. So they can finish their task without disturbance.
It is clear that a CMMS cannot fulfill all the work of an experienced technician. What the software can however is make sure all the tasks are on time and all is in place (inventory, assets) to guarantee success.

CMMS systems owns Scheduling Maintenance Automation
In order to minimize disruption and downtime the focus is on making planned maintenance something critical at the facility. Instead of relying on “human-memory”, the CMMS will notify the facility manager automatically when physical system requires immediate service.

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