ECOBPM – Digital Business Process Management

ECOBPM is a cloud-based SaaS platform which can facilitate the seamless and cost effective management of any type or work applied to work distribution in multiple industries.

Our Modules

●  Labor, Trip and Material costs tracking.
●  Client Dashboard: summary of associated metrics: workflows, orders generated, in process, attended and processed, specific statistics.
●  E-Mail management.
●  Geolocation management.
●  Calendar and Schedule management
●  Workflow and Task management.
●  Notes and Documents management.
●  Vendor and Client management.
●  Unlimited Business Intelligence.
●  Asset Management
●  Inventory Management

●  Service Order management: reception and follow-up.
●  Geolocation management.
●  Notes and Documents management.
●  Vendor management.
●  Site Management.

●  Service Order management: inbound, assignment and follow-up.
●  Vendor Online Enrollment.
●  Selection of technicians close to the site using geolocation.
●  Electronic RFP for Vendors.
●  Geo-Dispatch.

●  Service Order management: updating of the service order, closing and final approval by the client.
●  Geolocation management.
●  Step-by-step recording of the progress of the execution of the service through the mobile device.
●  Recurring Maintenance (with asset maintenance Checklists).
●  Mailing, chat and profile management.
●  Working hours records for better monitoring and control of activities.
●  Photographic and audiovisual record of the activities carried out.
●  Registration of the client’s final approval.

Who we are

ECOBPM is a SaaS company that is dedicated to producing, among other products, the next generation of facilities and asset management software for the global market.  The Cloud system, which includes cutting edge features like geolocation and mobile app integration, is currently being used in military bases and commercial facilities . Our technology can facilitate the seamless and cost effective management of commercial or government facilities, contracts, vendors and technicians. 

The Vision


  • ECOBPM embraces a new, cloud based approach to facilities management that can enhance its clients’ bottom lines in ways that no other existing platforms can. 
  • This is a totally new platform that can not only change the way that companies manage facilities – it can change the way that anyone manages various sites and assets anywhere – and will do so at an extremely affordable price point.
  • Extremely low-entry cost to a comprehensive system with multiple interfaces. This type of acquisition could otherwise be very expensive for SMB. Large Enterprise market also benefits from scalability and friction-less implementation (less than a week).


The Impact


    • ECOBPM has the potential to literally change the way people do business – and to reduce ongoing management costs.  These cost reductions will allow business to invest those savings in other projects or in their employees and contractors.
    • The partners developing this software have significant real world experience developing software for large companies, and with facilities management services.
    • ECOBPM has already embraced emergent on-field technology and adapted to its native cloud architecture. This opens up unlimited capabilities for organizations to enhance their service offerings to their Clients. Large organizations will choose to leverage from this technology rather than develop technology products on their own.
    • ECOBPM now has gone beyond work/service orders. It is an eco-system where Clients, Vendors, Contractors and Technicians are now interacting digitally. This workflow has gone beyond FM as well, now other industries can benefit from it.