The Nature of Maintenance Activities and Related Organizational Structure

Most maintenance departments are organized only for reaction to urgent demands, yet they wonder why they live in a reactive environment with a reactive culture.Organizationally, there must be recognition of and provision for the three broad types of work performed by the maintenance department: prompt emergency response, reliable routine service, and timely backlog relief. To … Read more

Focus on Future Work

The Planning Department concentrates on future work—work that has not been started—in order to provide the Maintenance Department at least one week of work backlog that is planned, approved, and ready to execute. This backlog allows crews to work primarily on planned work.Crew supervisors handle the current day’s work and problems. Any problems that arise … Read more

Why Improvement Is Needed in Maintenance

Effective maintenance reduces overall company cost because production capacity is available when needed. The company makes a product with this capacity to sell at a profit. This explains the reliability–cost relationship: focus on overall cost reduction and reliability gets worse, but focus on reliability improvement and overall cost goes down. Nevertheless, examining the cost of … Read more

Where Planning Fits Into Good Maintenance Practices

When a maintenance planning and scheduling function is being established, the first questions that usually arise are where and how it fits into the organization. The first answer is that it is structured within the maintenance organization, not outside it. Second, it should be organizationally independent of the specific maintenance supervisors it is both tasking … Read more

ECOBPM, LLC Incorporates New US-Wide Clients and Covers New Grounds in Reactive and Preventive Maintenance

Cloud-based Maintenance Software ECOBPM, LLC expands its maintenance services introducing new tools, IoT, and looks forward to their own SaaS service.Orlando, FL, USA – July 01, 2020 -ECOBPM prides itself on being among the best when it comes to managing maintenance services, both reactive and preventive; and they are reaching out to the future of … Read more

Top 5 Industries Benefited by implementing CMMS

Any industry can be benefited from using a reliable maintenance software Retail, call centers, hospitals, property complex, and construction among the TOP 5 industries benefited while you may ask why is it that so many industries benefit from it? It’s actually quite simple! NO Industry will run the risk having  their building or properties breaks … Read more

Keep track of your maintenance needs

Research has shown that facilities spend a significant amount of money per year maintaining their equipment, assets, and operations. Maintenance costs represent between 20 and 40 percent of all the operating costs incurred by a facility. In this regard, a software program that can help facility managers keep track of the maintenance needs of their … Read more


ECOBPM is a SAAS company that is dedicated to producing the next generation of facilities and asset management software for the international market. The software, which includes cutting edge features like geolocation and mobile app integration, is currently being used in military bases and commercial facilities. ECOBPM welcomes funding to support to get off the … Read more

Geolocation in your Business

Answer questions like “Where is John right now?”, “Which Sites are having active work being done right now?“, “Where was Paul yesterday morning?”, “Which Technicians are closed to this Site right now?”. in one place: ECOBPM’s GeoLocation Tool. Real time positioning fed from your Tech’s mobile, all the way to your main office with our … Read more